Please share your Hokkaido photo!

Are you planning a trip to Hokkaido? By any chance, are you a repeat visitor to Hokkaido?

Please share with us a snap photo you once took in Hokkaido, because you have the chance to win unique experiences making stools by quality wood and touring a furniture factory in a furniture town.

Japan’s northernmost region of Hokkaido offers you the best quality furniture with finest wood that is grown under severe winters. Meanwhile, Hokkaido offers you to step into stunning wilderness in subarctic nature in which you could enjoy extremely silky snow in the snow resorts.

Read on to learn about Hokkaido’s furniture and please share your photo with a short comment. Are you up for the chance? Click “Enter now” to post a photo for your chance to win trial experience for stool making and factory tour!

All win a pair of Japanese traditional vessels made of cypress tree
First 10 people win the experience making stool and touring furniture factory

Furniture manufactuing in Hokkaido

Furniture manufacturing in Hokkaido is little-known overseas. Asahikawa Design Center showroom, a contemporary showroom by a furniture cooperative, is rarely listed on international travel guide sites such as TripAdvisor or Expedia. So we have launched this campaign to let more people know about Hokkaido furniture.

Where is Asahikawa?

Our headquarters and showroom are located in Asahikawa. Asahikawa is in the confluence are of four rivers and is surrounded by hills, and is the second-largest city in Hokkaido. It’s a good to put base in Asahikawa to visit the Mt. Daisetsu range and the picturesque Biei-Furano area. Asahikawa is also very convenient to access outdoor fields for nature lovers who enjoy skiing, hiking, and river sports.