Call for Hokkaido Shreds – Let’s share your travel memories in Hokkaido, Japan

Call for your travel memories in Hokkaido!

Are you going to visit Hokkaido? By any chance, do you come to Asahikawa city? If so, how about joining our Hokkaido Shreds blog. This is a project by CondeHouse in Asahikawa, where you are free to post your thoughts and views about your trip in Hokkaido.

Application requirements

  • written by yourself
  • more than 500 words
  • attached more than one image
  • about scinery, nature, food, onsen… anything you experienced in Hokkaido!
  • recommended restaurant information is also welcomed

Rewards to writers

We prepared special rewards to writers! If you are enough kind to give us your post, we would like to do our best to entertain you.

1st Reward (to everyone)

We will send a pair of sake cups made of Japanese cypress, a traditional Japanese sake vessel!

2nd Reward (to first 10 people)

The first 10 people will receive a pair of tickets for a factory tour and stool making experience, which can be used when you visit our headquarters in Asahikawa!

Here is the application form!

    Aim of this Hokkaido Shreds project

    Our industory, furniture manufacturing in Asahikawa, is little-known to overseas, though it’s well-known to local people. Even though here are a sophisticated center and showrooms of each manufacturer, it is rarely listed on international travel review sites such as MATCHA, TripAdvisor or Expedia.

    Asahikawa has a thriving furniture industry that makes use of the high-quality oak and ash that can be only produced in north Japan. If you travel around Asahikawa, why not visiting furniture shop to see and try their wood crafts? There are about 100 manufacturer from small to middle scale. We CondeHouse is one of them. Our aim is to get friends overseas and spread about Asahikawa furniture!

    Where is Asahikawa city

    Asahikawa is the second-largest city on the northern island of HokkaidoJapan. It is located at the confluence of four rivers and is surrounded by hills. It is located near the centre of Hokkaido, and it is a good base to visit the nearby Taisetsu-zan mountain range and the picturesque Biei-Furano area. The place has few foreigner visitors, though Asahiyama Zoo attracts scores of Japanese tourists. – cited from Wikitravel

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