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    • February 17, 2022
    • December 6, 2022

    Japan Is a Buy? Do You Know the Truth of Inflation in Japan?

    Tragic inflation will attack Japanese school kids Are bananas categorized as snacks for a trip? I ensure this phrase never fails to make Japanese people laugh. Japanese elementary school students (6 to 12 years old) go on a school day trip once or twice a year. It’s fun and special to go to a zoo or a park together with classmates, but equally or more important is they are allowed to bring snacks to their school. The problem is the total amount is limited to less than only 300 yen (about 2.6 US dollars at the current exchange rate) in most schools. Kids always beat their brains to maximize the benefits arising from such a limited amount of snacks. This is the reason why bananas are subject to debate as above (as a joke) in Japan. Snack price will be inflated, but the kid’s allowance won’t You may think you […]

    • February 1, 2022
    • October 12, 2022

    Japanese Culture and Traditions: A Hero or Villain? The Truth of Godzilla

    Godzilla becomes an academic research subject in Japan In my childhood, I memorized even the height and weight of many monsters in Godzilla movies, let alone their names. I’m sure I would have annoyed many people around me by proudly showing off the knowledge, and also my parents would have wanted me to apply the same level of passion to study. Godzilla is a super movie content known to everyone in Japan and many people even outside Japan. It can be said the most popular Japanese movie series especially outside Japan. Mmany people, like film critics, marketing professionals, and even university professors have published study on it. The explanation that sounds most feasible to me is “Godzilla is the metaphor of nature.” Indeed, it has destroyed many cities many times, but has shown no animosity or hatred to humans, though making no apologies as well. Godzilla makes us remember a […]

    • November 2, 2021
    • December 6, 2022

    Japan Travel in the Know: Why Is Kyoto a Popular Destination in Japan?

    Almost all the Japanese students go to Kyoto on a school trip The biggest school event for Japanese students is a school trip, I’m 100% sure. We go on a trip with all the classmates three times in our lifetime. They are the sixth grade of elementary school, the third grade of junior high school, and the second grade of high school. It’s a kind of Japanese spring tradition. You can see many students in school uniform in popular sightseeing spots like Kyoto. It’s a tragedy if you stay in the same hotel as a school-trip group, though people (who used to be students having enjoyed school trips in Japan) don’t have any right to complain, thinking back their own youth days. Having said that, I really feel sorry for the school kids because most of the school trips have been canceled during the COVID. Many old buildings in Kyoto, […]

    • September 7, 2021
    • October 2, 2022

    The Secret of a Happy Life: The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time

    What are things other than basics of life? One of the biggest reasons why I was back to my hometown is a summer music festival held in Hokkaido. Nevertheless, this summer is ending without the fest due to the COVID, the same as last year. I don’t intend to complain about it. I’m just worried about people working in the entertainment industry. They are not only musicians but also sound mixers, light controllers, stage arrangers, etc. in the case of music fests. Different from what many people imagine, their field is more like the world of artisans. It’s very difficult to get back lost techniques in such an artisan field. During the COVID pandemic, the present Japanese government leaves us to our fate in the name of self-help. Among other things, it is cruel especially to the entertainment industry. Our government seems to regard things other than basics of life […]