• May 3, 2021
    • April 20, 2022

    It’s Better than Chanel No.5

    Degeneration of smelling One day at a restaurant with my wife, I was finishing off lunch with crème brulee, a kind of custard pudding. Soon after taking a bite, sweet and sour taste spread in my mouth. Nodding knowingly, I said “Lemon is doing its magic.” My wife, saying “What?! There’s no way that lemon is used in crème brulee!” She twitched and smelled it, and her judge was “Are you OK? It’s just gone bad.” I don’t mean to make an excuse, but our smelling sense has been most degrading among human five senses. Once human beings had more than 800 olfactory receptors, but now, the number is only less than 400. In exchange for that, we’ve got eyesight much better than other animals, though. Smelling sense acts on emotions and memories About 200 million years ago, in order to avoid dinosaurs, mammals are thought to be active at […]