Sudden Rain

While I was walking to work, it started raining cats and dogs. The road became muddy and suddenly the walk to work felt longer than ever. Just like the majority of the people, I personally dislike rain since I was a kid. Rain ruins plans, and especially with the pandemic going on right now, this day just felt extra gloomy.

Walking up the stairs, I took a glance at the window and realized that baby-summer leaves on the trees outside looked more stunning when being rained on. The logo of CondeHouse was being reflected on the window. The green leaves and the red logo together created a really beautiful color-contrasting picture, which might not be the intended result of the interior designer, though. It would not be everything for creators to convey what they want to express through their works, but it must be serendipity if we can feel like understanding creators’ thoughts beyond place and time. I guess today isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

As I was walking towards the office through the lobby, I noticed something special. The dark rainy sky outside and the bright lobby inside together created a nice balanced atmosphere. The natural color of the sky, along with the artificial color of the room, had such a visual impact on me that suddenly erased the cranky mood I have been suffering before.

A photographer, a food lover, a language learner, a life recorder, a fan of Hokkaido, and a member of Conde House.

Hi, I’m Jessie. Originally from China but currently living and working in Hokkaido.