About Us

CondeHouse is a furniture manufacturer hailing from the North of Japan and specializing in pieces handcrafted from wood. CondeHouse has completed many projects not just in Japan but also across the globe, ranging from interior design planning to construction. We design furniture that can be used in, including but not limited to, homes, offices, shops, hotels, medical and public facilities.

The beautiful forests of Hokkaido are the starting point of everything CondeHouse is. We use Hokkaido wood for as much of our work as possible, using every last piece of wood to create items that will be part of your daily life for a long time. Treating the forest well is at the heart of everything we do.

In our factories, cutting-edge processing tools are operated alongside elaborate handcrafting. CondeHouse’s factory is a sophisticated culmination of manual work and technology, developed through a series of ventures into new forms of craftsmanship. That’s why designers around the world know that “if anyone can do it, CondeHouse can!”

Respect for nature and consideration for people are important Japanese values, and we have applied these principles to our craftsmanship throughout all of our years in business. The heart of Japan is reflected in our gentle shapes and intricate functions, and we believe that these values enable us to make everyone’s life more comfortable.