Hokkaido adventures: First Experience at the Biei Snow Cycle Festival


Joining the Winter Cycling Race in Biei Town

Last weekend, on January 22, I had the opportunity to participate in the Biei Snow Cycle Festival for the first time. The Biei town is known for its picturesque scenery, with rolling hills, sprawling fields of colorful flowers and a variety of landscapes that make it a popular tourist destination. The Snow Cycle Festival is an annual snow cycling race that takes place in the Athletic field in Biei. Participants are divided into teams and have to ride two hours in turn on a one-round track, completing as many cycles as possible. It’s a challenging and physically demanding race that requires a good balance of endurance, strength and strategy!

The Blue Pond, a famous spot in Biei, Hokkaido – © Akiko_Kubosawa 

Falling Down and Getting Back up: The Excitement of the Crazy Race

My experience at the Biei Snow Cycle Festival was an unforgettable one. I and my co-workers participated as the mixed group with two men and two wemen. I had a great time, although I did fall down to the ground 4 times, but that just added more fun and excitement to the adventure. I may have been a bit sore afterwards, but it was all worth it. The festival was a great way to bond with my team and experience something new and unique in Hokkaido.