• May 26, 2020
    • December 24, 2022

    Psychology Trivia: What Is Beauty? How Do You Define Beauty?

    Functional beauty? Unfunctional things are not beautiful? When I was younger, I loved sports cars. That was normal for newly licensed drivers in the good old days, but things have changed a lot with the times. In Japan, most of the young people are no longer interested in cars, let alone sports cars. Moreover, ordinary engine cars are getting replaced by electric cars year by year. Sports cars are threatened with extinction. Speaking of sports cars, I strongly believed at that time that they were a symbol of functional beauty, because every detail of sports cars is designed only for speed. They are collections of correct answers as a means of transportation. In other words, sports cars are functionally correct. The young me simply thought that would be the reason why they look beautiful. Indeed, such an easy logic once comforted me to some degree but later provoked some smoldering […]