• May 26, 2020
    • May 20, 2022

    Do You Know What Beauty Is?

    Beauty and utility: Unfunctional things are not beautiful? When I was younger, I loved sports cars. They were a symbol of beauty for me. Every detail of sports cars is designed only for speed. In other words, they are collections of correct answers as a means of transportation. The young me simply thought that would be the reason why they look beautiful. Indeed, such an easy logic once comforted me to some degree but soon provoked some smoldering questions. What about art that is of no utility? Many people seem to believe art is beautiful, though. What is beauty? How to define beauty in philosophy and science? When I was young, I always tried to read philosophy books only to make myself look smart. Immanuel Kant wrote about aesthetic judgement in his work. As usual, it was too difficult, and my attempt (to make myself look smart) ended up in […]