• August 8, 2022
    • August 9, 2022

    The Reason Why Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Are Unique

    The only vacuum cleaner in the world. This sales copy made me pay for the highest-grade Dyson vacuum cleaner, though I’m not interested at all in home electronics and so much in cleaning itself. Sales copies seem to control our behaviors like this. Anyway, how do I like it? I’m completely satisfied with the product and take off my hat to their innovations. Mind you; it’s not about technical innovations. To be honest, I don’t think it’s very useful or more sophisticated than other vacuum cleaners, but it’s just fun to use. I believe this is the core achievement of their innovations. In other words, Dyson has re-defined vacuum cleaners. As most of you may know that, Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t have a dust bag. The founder, James Dyson himself seems to brag about it in his books as the biggest advantage of his innovations, but I tell you, it’s […]

    • August 3, 2022
    • August 4, 2022

    All About Beginner Cyclist’s Preparation for his/her First Rode Race

    Hokkaido is blessed with mountains, and there are so many ways to enjoy them. Climbing, jogging, driving, rafting, bird watching, sightseeing, photograph, skiing and snowboarding in winter, and cycling in summer. Which do you want to do here? The other day, I went cycling to Mt. Tokachi with one of my colleague. Mt. Tokachi is an active volcano accessible from Asahikawa and a popular sightseeing spot where you can enjoy climbing and hot springs. Now, in our case, the cycling meaned a practice-run in preparation for Niseko Hanazono Hill Climb in a week’s time! Below is a cross-section of the course in Mt. Tokachi. As you can see, it’s a killer hill! Good for practicing. As I said before, actually I was never a very enthusiastic cyclist. So how did it come up in participating the hill climbing race… It’s all a mischievous idea by my boss. As soon as […]