Is a Dyson Vacuum Worth It? How Is It Unique?

Soil scanttered on the floor seen over a Dyson cleaner

Dyson, the only entertaining vacuum cleaner in the world

The only vacuum cleaner in the world. This sales copy made me pay for the highest-grade Dyson vacuum cleaner, though I’m not interested at all in home electronics and not so much in cleaning itself. Sales copies are so important. They seem to control our behaviors like this. Anyway, how do I like the cleaner? I’m completely satisfied with it and take off my hat to their innovations.

Mind you; it’s not about technical innovations. To be honest, I don’t think it’s very useful or more sophisticated than other vacuum cleaners in terms of functions. What I evaluate most is it’s just fun to use. I believe this is the core achievement of their innovations. In other words, Dyson has re-defined vacuum cleaners.

Dyson vacuum clearners are not so good in usability

As most of you may know that, Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t have a dust bag. The founder, James Dyson himself seems to brag about it in his books as the biggest advantage of his innovations, but I tell you, it’s not useful at all. No matter how careful you are, dust floats in the air when you empty the dust case. First of all, just think about it: How often do you change the dust bags of your cleaner? Is it bothering you so much? Making matters worse, the users of Dyson vacuum cleaners are required to wash up the filter from time to time. To tell the truth, it’s higher-maintenance than other ordinary vacuum cleaners.

But much better in entertainment

Don’t get me wrong. I like my Dyson vacuum cleaner because it more than makes up for the above disadvantages. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is not the no-dust-bag structure but the transparent dust case realized by the no-dust-bag structure. We can feel more catharsis by directly seeing the result of cleaning. Another good point I found is the ON/OFF trigger. It looks like a gun trigger, and the cleaner turns on only when you pull the trigger. Every time using it, I feel like I’m a hit man or a member of the ghost busters. Again, I like my Dyson vacuum cleaner because it’s fun to use.

In a cafe area, there is a long table on the window side with a woman on a chair.

Dyson has re-difined “cleaning” as an action for catharsis

Our life is already sufficiently efficient. Effectiveness or efficiency is no longer an important factor for our purchasing behaviors. As I wrote Dyson had re-defined vacuum cleaners in the first paragraph, what they have re-defined may be “cleaning” itself, to be more precise. Dyson may notice we clean up not for a clean and tidy life but for catharsis we feel by seeing an action and effect. The same as Dyson, we CondeHouse as a furniture manufacturer set a goal to re-define “sitting.” We have not yet had a definitive answer, but I just want it to be something ambitious and unique enough to make our chairs completely different from existing ones.

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