• June 4, 2021
    • October 7, 2022

    The Discontinuation of Morgan 4/4: Was It the Right Decision?

    Free-will decisions and market principles Are you always confident of your free-will decisions? MISTRA (Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart, 1990) has proved our ways of thinking and behaving are NOT genetically affected. The surrounding environment affects us much more. To be honest, I even doubt the existence of free will, though. Let me ask one more question. Do you believe market principles are always correct? We ordinary people don’t always make rational decisions based on detailed and correct knowledge, just as the principles expect. Free-will decisions and market principles are two main grounds that neo-liberalism is based on. I don’t like neo-liberalism. It’s not because of such weak grounds but because it steals my favorite things, such as Morgan 4/4. The unique heritage of Morgan The legendary car debuted in 1936 and continued to be produced without changing the basic design for more than 80 years. Can you believe […]

    • June 1, 2021
    • June 7, 2022

    September in Sapporo

    Sapporo in September, completely different from the main land of Japan where people still suffer from lingering summer heat. The capital city of Hokkaido has a population of two million, but has such a big natural park in the center of the city. One autumn day, I went to the park to take some pictures, with my Canon EOS Rebel SL1. I took this shot under macro mode. The leaves were focused and the background was blurred out. This mode makes even my photography skills look better, though the picture was kind of a failure. The color of the leaves came out well, but I should have gone more closely. A giant crow casually enjoying a thick piece of bread. The crow was constantly moving, and so, I had to switch to sport mode for a faster shutter speed to freeze action. I was able to catch it within the […]

    • June 1, 2021
    • October 14, 2022

    Japanese Culture and Traditions: We Still Use Ninjutsu, the Art of Ninja

    Languages create cultures I have a 12 year younger sister. When she was very small, I asked “What is your brother like?” She lisped “You like to eat tofu.” I know she was not wrong. Indeed, I like tofu even now, but her answer was far from what I expected at that time. Feeling disappointed, I thought by myself who I was, and realized it was very difficult to define myself. For the same reason, most people can’t see their own countries and cultures, but I think multi-lingual speakers are better at it. It’s because language creates culture, and vice versa. Today, let me share cultural differences and Japanese uniqueness found especially by a Japanese-English speaker. Uniqueness in hearing ability When I worked as a translator, onomatopée was always headache. Japanese language is said to have the largest number of onomatopée in the world. Making matters worse, there’s onomatopée to […]