Business Tips: Do You Know How Neo Came Back in the Matrix?


The long awaited release of The Matrix Ressurections!

“The Matrix Ressurections” was just released in Japan on 17th December, first in the world. Dodge this? No way! I will go to a theater this Sunday, the very first day of my year-end vacation. Due to its complex storyline, it has many different interpretations. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen any of the series! Since I knew that Neo (or a savior story) was also a part of the Matrix for AI to learn human thought processes and update its system, almost all the events in the movies came to easily make sense to me. To be honest, there’s one exception. Was Trinity’s kiss required to revive Neo, though he himself is the almighty Matrix?

It’s “super compensation” that makes Neo get stronger

It seems many people have the same doubt as me. You can find many different interpretations on this matter if you make a search on Google. Anyway, though Neo was beaten up to death by the Agent Smith, her kiss revived him and made him get much stronger. I think this kind of thing very often happens especially in super hero movies. That always reminds me of “super-compensation.” Muscle fibers arguably become stronger after being damaged by weight training. Mind you: what is important here is to “mildly” damage muscle fibers and to take a rest. Super-compensation is generally said to need more than 24 hours rest at least. Don’t overdo it.

A room with the wooden ceiling and floor, where we can see a set of sofas with two coffee tables, and a dining table with four dining chairs.

Luckily enough, we have had a flood of orders for the last few months. Apparently, it exceeds the capacity of our production ability. Our factories are running at full capacity, overtime every day, sometimes opening even on the weekends, in order to ship out the orders within the year. The current situation is tough for us, staff not-working in the factories as well. That’s because we can see both: customer demands and the tired look on the faces of craft people in the factories. I’m sincerely hoping they will get over this tough time, take a good rest during the year-end vacation, and come back stronger by super-compensation.

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