• January 28, 2021
    • January 1, 2023

    Psychology Trivia: Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last (Vivian Westwood)

    A shift to adulthood in perspective The political turmoil over the US presidential election seems to have settled down, but there still have been a lot of related news. In the aftermath of the election, I found a name that hasn’t been seen for a year or two. It’s Greta Thunberg. I didn’t mean to discuss the rights and wrongs of her words and actions. As a matter of fact, her speech at the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 made her world-famous. To be honest, my inner reaction to the speech left a strong impression on me, rather than the speech itself. At that time, I listened to her speech on the side of people who are criticized and responsible to the environmental problems she posed. I’ve finally realized I become an adult, though it’s too late for my age. Roles of youth and adults In my youth, the same […]

    • January 26, 2021
    • January 1, 2023

    Psychology Trivia: We Can’t Be Free from Confirmation Bias

    There is no fate but confirmation bias I sometimes hear people say “This is fate!” but in most cases, they just got it all wrong. According to my speculation, most of us feel a sense of destiny when we decide to buy something, especially when it’s big-ticket items such as houses and cars. We may happen to see some articles saying “Now is the best time to buy!” Or we may remember our horoscopes we saw in some magazine. No offense, but there’s no such destiny in our buying behavior. It’s confirmation bias. Me? Of course, always biased, the same as before. I have been trading stocks for years. In most cases when I place orders, I feel like I found secret signs that only a genius can see. Guess what happened next? I stopped facing the reality (the decreasing balance of my brokerage account). Be wary of confirmation bias. […]

    • January 21, 2021
    • January 1, 2023

    Is an MBA Worth It? Marketing Framework Really Works?

    The sorrows of marketers Do you know how many advertisements are on your commuting route or on the webpages you browsed yesterday, for example? The world is full of advertisements, but people sometimes don’t even notice they exist there in their faces. Marketers always make pathetically sincere efforts to attract attention, though they sometimes go too far and are irritating. Every time seeing advertisements, I ask myself “What in them have got my attention?” One day, I found a great one as shown in the above image. It’s a cosmetic company advertisement. The advertising copy starts “As most of you won’t read advertising boards anyway, I’m just writing about my favorite thing.” The following sentences just express how and why s/he likes an ermine (the animal in the image). Consequently, the board has become the focus of great public attention. S/he must be a genius. Attention getting, the heart of […]

    • January 18, 2021
    • October 15, 2022

    Heros Are Ordinary People Who Make Themselves Extraordinary

    Status quo bias Have you ever experienced the Japanese commuter rush in the morning? No? Lucky you. While living in Tokyo, I had endured the cruel treatment every morning for more than three years. On the platform of any station in Japan, door positions are marked up. Seeing long queues at the marks on the platform, morning commuters sigh at the thought of a great trip ahead. Strangely enough, people in respective morning commute queues were always almost the same. Me? Yes, always in the same queue without a rational reason. I don’t think other people also would have had a particular reason. Every morning, the usual faces in my queue reminded me that I was firmly caught up in the status quo bias. It seems human beings really dislike changes. Today, I didn’t mean to criticize from a height, saying “You should change,” but try to defend the human […]

    • January 14, 2021
    • September 27, 2022

    b8ta Launched in Japan: Now Is the Age of Just-Looking Customers

    What is b8ta? The epoch-making business was born in the Silicon Valley in 2015. It’s b8ta, and finally arrived in Tokyo, Japan last year. Let me explain their business model in very short. The shop of b8ta is divided into some compartments. Brands display their products at the compartments by paying a certain amount of money to b8ta. The monthly fixed rate includes everything, like the costs of staff, inventory management, logistics support, POS, etc. The highlight of their system is detailed marketing data provided to brands. The number of customers stopping at a product, how long a customer picked up a product, not to mention demographic data. Many latest sensing devices watch all the customer responses, and b8ta provides those data to brands. This concept of their business impressed me most. The main purpose of b8ta shops is not to sell products. They call their business as RaaS (Retail […]

    • January 11, 2021
    • October 13, 2022

    Marketing Tips: The Origin of a Name

    Pet names for cars I wrote about a name last time. The article reminded me of another thing about a name. Most of the Japanese, American, and British cars have pet names, like TOYOTA PRIUS, CHEVROLET CORVETTE, Rolls-Royce Phantom, while German cars don’t. German car names sound like a product code rather than a name, like BMW 320i and Mercedes-Benz 500E. According to my research, pet names force car makers to bear more risk of controlling the rights. They have to register trademark rights for many words for future products. On the other hand, the naming way of German cars is easier and more practical. People can see the class and sometimes even engine size of a car from its name, but I personally like pet names. How about you? The advantage of pet names I was once a car enthusiast and replaced cars almost every year in my 20s. […]

    • January 7, 2021
    • October 13, 2022

    Psychology Trivia: The Power of a Name

    No-name is real rock! I started playing the guitar when I was 15 years old. It was around when NIRVANA started dominating the music scene and destroying the existing values. People made a fuss, saying “Alternative Rock is not tainted by commercialism.” I gave cold look to such fanatical people. I love NIRVANA even now, but they didn’t look new to me at all because they had a name, the same as the existing bands. I know this opinion sounds very strange, though. Names are practically necessary for anyone, but the young me purely wanted rock musicians to be anti-establishment. Today, let me introduce real rock in that sense. It’s Souseki Natsume. He is the most famous novelist in Japan (1867 – 1916). His masterpiece is “I Am a Cat.” The story starts with these sentences “I am a cat. As yet I have no name.” How rock it is! […]

    • January 4, 2021
    • October 12, 2022

    Japanese Culture and Traditions: Tidy Up to Spark Joy!

    The scent of the Sun I was so surprised when learning that it is prohibited to hang the laundry outside in some places overseas. We, Japanese people really like to hang the laundry under the sun light. Japanese climate of high humidity is said to be the main reason of it. Recently, more washing machines come to have a drying function. Even so, most Japanese people would still prefer hanging the laundry outside, saying they like to smell the scent of the sun. I completely agree. The scent of towels and bed linen hung outside reminds me of younger days in bright summer. However, there’s one thing I can’t abide about washing. It’s folding the laundry. What is the point of it all? We have to unfold clothes to put them on. It seems irrational, meaningless, and a waste of time. To fold or not to fold My above statement […]