Japan Tips from Locals: Hokkaido Is the Mecca of Wooden Furniture

Asahikawa central station in winter, of which front yard is covered with snow

Did you know Haagen-Dazs was originated in the US? I thought it came from somewhere in North Europe, which, I assume, would be exactly what the brand founder intended. Let me tell you another example. In Japan, canned coffee is one of the profitable items in the canned-drink market. A Japanese beverage company launched a canned coffee named with “WEST” about 20 years ago, but it didn’t sell at all. They just changed the name to “BOSS,” and it became a big hit and still sells very well. The lesson we can learn here is names are important, sometimes more important than the contents.

In that sense, the name of our hometown (ASAHIKAWA) is at a disadvantage outside Japan because it’s not easy for non-Japanese people to pronounce. In fact, even most of our overseas business partners may not remember the name correctly, I guess. Today, I’d like to show some images (related to the furniture industry) to promote ASAHIKAWA, the Japanese mecca of wooden furniture.


Furniture loung at Asahikawa station

Photo Credit: Kagu Lounge at Asahikawa Station

Asahikawa Design Center

Photo Credit: Asahikawa Design Center

A corporate logo, the letters of C and H are combined to look like a tree in a circle

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